Thursday, August 11, 2016

Light-fast Testing Shinhan Watercolors (PWC)

      I usually have watercolor paper trimmings lying around as leftover from making a sketchbook. Just for fun, I've decided to swatch my favorite color from Shinhan and do a light-fast test. I did this by painting a gradient wash on a strip of paper about 5" x 1.5"  then cut it lengthwise so that I have an identical strip. I then taped one strip on my window and kept the other one inside an envelope. A month has passed by and comparing the 2 strips, I was surprised that there is no difference. No fading, no discoloration. I'm aware that true light-fast testing takes a minimum of at least a year, but just the same I expected some result since my window is in direct sunlight from 11am to about 5pm.
     This encouraged me to do a test on all the Shinhan paints that I have so I made a swatch as seen below :

 Here is the swatch before it was cut and exposed. 7.5" x  5.5" 300g Arches CP

Friday, August 5, 2016

Saunders Waterford Watercolor Paper

   I'm excited to share that Artwhale is now selling Saunders Waterford by St Cuthberts Mill.

Now that is is available here, I can open my stock and start using this. I have just consumed the last pages of my smaller block. :D
     I my previous post about two years ago, I mentioned about a paper I fell in love with, Saunders Waterford which is manufactured by St Cuthberts Mill from England. Unfortunately, the importer who supplies this paper to our local bookstore no longer carries this paper. I was fortunate enough to get the last block, and recently came across, last 2 blocks of A3 size.
     Thanks to the growing interest of many to watercolor, it is now more practical than ever for art supply stores to stock different art materials.
     Saunders Waterford comes in 3 textures: hot pressed, NOT( which is their term for cold pressed, and rough. It also comes in high white, and white (creamy ). A cheaper line called Bockingford is also available. (I still have to try this one)
     Even if I wanted to say that this is the best paper, paper choice is a matter of personal preference and that is influenced by how one paints, techniques, style and desired look of the finished product.
     If you are still in search of a paper that will suit your artistic needs, or temperament, you might want to give Saunders Waterford a try.
First page of a newly opened block.
     Question? Comments? Feel free to drop me a message!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Holy Week Sketching

     Finally, lots of free days to sketch, and not much traffic! These are series of sketches done in two separate days with my friend. 

Quiapo Church on  9" x 12"  Saunders CP

Monday, March 14, 2016

Escolta Sketcwalk

     It has been a long time since I've posted. Lately I have been using Instagram to share my works since it is faster and convenient at the moment. For those interested, kindly see the sidebar for the Instagram link.
     I've been meaning to post updates with more tutorials and discoveries, some are on the way, so please stay tuned!
     Last Saturday was a free day for me, I was able to join some of my friends sketching along Escolta and Sta.Cruz, Manila. It was kind of challenging for the were a lot of street kids playing around, bumping into me while painting.Some even got too curious they even dip their hands on the paint. I've gotten over my uneasiness towards onlookers and they are quite welcome, but kids touching the stuff while working is a new level of challenge I have to conquer. Then again, this is just minor inconvenience, and will not take away the joy of sketching outdoors.

A view of Sta.Cruz Church from Tetuan cor. DasmariƱas Sts.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hybrid Brushes from Mont Marte

    There is another type of watercolor brushes from Mont Marte in Fully Booked. I suspect it uses the same hair as the ones found on the Mont Marte Quills. First impressions suggest that this brush is a hybrid, though the handle says its round. It's a flat but has a belly a bit thicker than most flats of the same width, and the hairs are a bit longer. The edge form a rounded shape similar to a cats tongue/filbert.

Mont Marte brushes

Friday, October 2, 2015

Mont Marte Quill Brush

     If you have never tried Squirrel quill brushes before, I encourage you to get one and try. I mostly work on wet on wet washes so ever since I've experienced these brushes, they have been my tool of choice. A true squirrel quill is a bit pricey and hard to get hold of, unless, you have a friend going abroad, a relative or traveling yourself.
     Then there is Mont Marte and they are available here at Fully Booked.

These are currently available in sizes 0, 2, 4

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sketching at Laloma Cemetery

     The La loma Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Manila which opened in 1884 according to Wikipedia.  Until last Friday,  I've never been there and was always curious since I only see the dome of the St Pancratius Chapel from the north cemetery. I might be wrong but I have an impression the the tombs and mausoleums are more organized similar to the Chinese Cemetery than the familiar North Cemetery.
      A good thing about google is we were able to find out where to alight from LRT1. Since La loma are is so big, too much walking will just our drain energy reserved for sketching. Another good coincidence is we were able to meet up with Ian and Kuki, who has their own ride and saves us from walking. Thank you Ian and Kuki! 
St Pancratius Chapel