Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sketching at Malate, Manila

     Today's sketching session is one of those days where you experience the challenge of outdoor sketching. It was a very humid when when Aurelio, my fellow sketcher and I arrived. It was a good thing that the meeting place is in Family Mart beside Malate Church, so we had time to cool down before heading out to sketch.
     Halfway through my penciling stage, thunderclouds suddenly hover above us with matching mini tornadoes that carries dust and dead leaves in the area. We were forced to pack up our stuffs and decided to just wait it out in the nearest convenience store. As if just teasing us, the rain did not even fell, and the dark clouds disappeared as fast as it came. Oh well, so we just resumed sketching. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sketching at La Cenerentola Rehearsal

     To us sketchers, sketching as an activity is kind of exciting and relaxing. Most of the time we have a background music which further heightens the mood. What the next best thing? Sketching while listening to a live music of course!  
     On a short notice which I was lucky enough to be available, we were invited by my friend Amado to join the rehearsal of Manila Symphony Orchestra with conductor Darrell Ang for the show La Cenerentola. For those interested in the show you can get your tickets here.

The Manila Symphony Orchestra with Conductor Darrell Ang