Monday, July 28, 2014

A Brief Review of Sailor Fude De Mannen and Muji Double Ring Notebook

     One of the simple joys of life is finding bargains, and later realizing that those same bargains performs more than what is expected of them. Such is my experience with the Sailor Fude de Mannen.

Sailor fude and Lamt Safary
Sailor Fude De Mannen (top) 55 degree variant

     After alternating with the Lamy Safari which I bought together, I found that I use the Sailor Fude more and more. I believe it has something to do with the line variation it can produce. I must mention that this pen comes in two variants: the 55 degree (green body) which is the one pictured on top and the 40 degree (dark blue) one. The difference between the two is that the 55 degree pen produces the widest line. In my case since I am left handed and a side-writer, I find the 55 degree pen better for drawing and the 40 degree variant for calligraphy.

Line Variation
Line variations produced with the 55 degree variant of the Sailor Fude. The ink  used is Noodlers Lexington Gray with 50% water. Notice the shading and transparency on the wide stroke.

Close up of the Sailor Fude nib.

Strokes produced with the reverse side of  the nib
     By adjusting the angle at which the nib comes into contact with the paper, a difference in line variation can be achieved. I also found out that its possible to mix the ink with water from this link  (click on the fourth thumbnail with the waterbrush) When used with the Sailor Fude, thin strokes become very dark and broad strokes become transparent washes! So if I had to carry just one pen, I'll take the Sailor Fude.

The Muji Double ring notebook A6 is a perfect size that fits in your pocket. The hard cover also provides support when drawing while standing or on your lap

     So far these are my sketches produced with the Sailor Fude and Muji double ring notebook. (Please note that some of the sketches appearing here are copied from photographs mainly for drawing exercise.)
Though there is a noticeable mark from the back page there is no bleed-though.

An example of a transparent wash achievable with the widest stroke.

sketching unsuspecting people at a department store's food court

Line and wash with the same pen and two kinds of ink

Thin line and broad washes

Drawn purely using the reverse side of the pen.

Tree at a nearby park



Monday, July 21, 2014

It's Been A While

     I can't believe that four months have passed since I've started this blog. Between my day job and household chores, I was busy doing the actual sketching and hunting for supplies. I guess I have to backtrack a bit about what happened during the last four months.
Sailor Fude De Mannen(top) Lamy Safari (bot)
      One of the task that has occupied me is finding the right sketch pen. So Immediately after so much researching on WetCanvas and other sites, the name Lamy Safari keeps on popping up. Since its affordable and one of the most accessible pen from where I live, I got myself one. While on the pen store, I noticed a green  plastic pen is also on display. Its the Sailor Fude de Mannen! It's quite cheap Php 750.00 (about $16.00) so I guess why not give it  a try?

     After having bought these two pens I alternately used them for sketching. Luckily a friend who is a fan of Muji stores recommended a cheap blank notebook. Initially bought the A6 size which is  Php 125.00 (about $3.00). I believe that for a struggling artist/art student, this fountain pen-Muji double ring blank notebooks is a pair made in heaven :D . On my next post I will write a review on how the Sailor Fude performs with the Muji double ring blank notebook .