Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sketchwalk at the North (From Vigan to Pagudpod)

     I've have never been anywhere really far nor have done any traveling and I know I'm missing a lot. Incidentally, a friend who loves to travel, is going north during the holidays. Going north fits my limited budget plus there are lots of interesting sites to do sketching. We have decided to leave on December 19 since it is the last day of work. 

Our meeting spot is McDonald's in Katipunan. I came early to avoid traffic so while waiting, I did some sketching  there.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Noodlers Konrad Nib Mod

     Further into the exploration of fountain pens led me to the discovery of "flexible nib" fountain pens. These are different from most modern fountain pen which is mostly referred to as "nails". A fountain pen with a flexible nib allows variable line width by applying different levels of pressure as you lay down your stroke. These pen are rare these days, always too expensive and mostly available online. Fortunately, Noodlers company came up with an affordable user-configurable flex fountain pen and it is available in the Philippines though Scribe Writing Essentials!
    There are mixed reviews about the pen on various forums and blogs. The owners either love the pen or hate it. I have decided to get one. Out of the box, the pen provides variable line width but requires a considerable amount of pressure. That is if you really want a huge difference between your thin stroke and your thick stroke. In my case, in attempting to write in copperplate/script style, my hand will be tired after finishing the pangram, "The quick brown fox..." . For normal writing, I think you'll be mostly fine. The ink flow is smooth and the nib glides smoothly.
     I'm really interested to learn how to white in copperplate/script style so my search led me to this thread from Fountain Pen Network. Its about how to modify your Noodlers nib to ease the flexing capabilities.
     This mod suggest that a portion of the nib be removed to reduce the amount of pressure required to achieve the widest possible stroke.

The tools you need for the mod.Clockwise from top left: eye loupe, another eye loupe with a different magnifying power, A Dremel with a grinding stone, some nail buffs for smoothing the nibs.

Monday, December 15, 2014

December Sketchwalk at Star City, Manila

     Heavy rain poured down on Manila which caused  floods and heavy traffic.  Because of that, most of our fellow sketchers were not able to make it. In spite of that, I'm glad that  the sketchwalk pushed through.

Surprisingly the were lots of people inside Star City 
Sketch of the galleon and the pizza store.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Wet Canvas Monthly Challenge - Chinese Garden

     This month's challenge was an interesting one: foliage and reflection! I really enjoyed doing this one since I've always wanted to try water reflections. Here is the thread at WetCanvas with the reference image.

7.5' x 11" Arches CP