Monday, September 28, 2015

Sketching at Laloma Cemetery

     The La loma Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Manila which opened in 1884 according to Wikipedia.  Until last Friday,  I've never been there and was always curious since I only see the dome of the St Pancratius Chapel from the north cemetery. I might be wrong but I have an impression the the tombs and mausoleums are more organized similar to the Chinese Cemetery than the familiar North Cemetery.
      A good thing about google is we were able to find out where to alight from LRT1. Since La loma are is so big, too much walking will just our drain energy reserved for sketching. Another good coincidence is we were able to meet up with Ian and Kuki, who has their own ride and saves us from walking. Thank you Ian and Kuki! 
St Pancratius Chapel

Monday, September 7, 2015

Binondo Sketchwalk

     Last Saturday's sketch walk was planned to be about El Hogar Filipino Building which most of us haven't sketched yet. I've been scouting the place for a while, and there is a good vantage point across Pasig river. 

El Hogar Filipino Building along Muelle de la Industria cor. Juan Luna