Friday, October 2, 2015

Mont Marte Quill Brush

     If you have never tried Squirrel quill brushes before, I encourage you to get one and try. I mostly work on wet on wet washes so ever since I've experienced these brushes, they have been my tool of choice. A true squirrel quill is a bit pricey and hard to get hold of, unless, you have a friend going abroad, a relative or traveling yourself.
     Then there is Mont Marte and they are available here at Fully Booked.

These are currently available in sizes 0, 2, 4

     I've had these brushes for a while and they have been my go to brushes, I mostly work in quarter sheets (about A3). I use the largest brush to fill the paper quickly and the two smaller size brushes for details.  

   If you are used to using synthetic or kolinsky brushes it might take some getting used to since these brushes are softer. I found that this softness has its advantages, like  you can paint another layer to on top without disturbing the previous wash which is more apparent on cheaper papers. 

The variety of strokes with just the Size 0 brush and my lame attempt at calligraphy :D
Brush load comparison with a similar size brush. Rembrandt size 7 kolinsky (left) and Mont Marte size 0 (right).
    I am not sure if these are true squirrel quills since  there is not much  documentation about the product. But for the price and performance I'm sure they are a good deal and a nice addition to your watercolor kit!


  1. thanks man. will check these out. Gamit ko lang ngayon ay chipanggang synthetic brush from national. hehehe

    1. Hi Anne, thanks for dropping by, pag may urban sketching, ito na rin yung palagi kong dala :)

  2. Wow! Iba nga ang hagod ng brush sa papel. I hope I can get a quality brush for myself :)