Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hybrid Brushes from Mont Marte

    There is another type of watercolor brushes from Mont Marte in Fully Booked. I suspect it uses the same hair as the ones found on the Mont Marte Quills. First impressions suggest that this brush is a hybrid, though the handle says its round. It's a flat but has a belly a bit thicker than most flats of the same width, and the hairs are a bit longer. The edge form a rounded shape similar to a cats tongue/filbert.

Mont Marte brushes

     The brush's hairs feels the same as the Mont Marte Quill, So if you like that brush, you are going to like this as well. I've got the #12 and #24 which is about 8mm and 14mm wide respectively. 
From left to right : Oval wash/Cat's tongue, the 2 Mont Marte, Flat wash

    Below are the marks/shape I was able to produce with the brush:

Strokes made with size 12 (top) and size 24 (bottom)

     I also did some field test using the two brushes exclusively to see how versatile they are.
Our Lady of Abandoned Parish, Pedro Gil, Sta. Ana, Manila

Painted this exclusively using the smaller sized brush. I experimented of not using a pencil. Canson Montval  200gsm12" x 8"

These brushes can be a nice addition to one's creative arsenal as another multitasker in the collection.


  1. You write the best reviews. :) Thank you. I was wondering if it's worth buying kasi. Hehe.

    1. Wow, thank you Glenda for the kind comments! I you haven't got any flat brushes yet it is worth the try :)