Thursday, August 11, 2016

Light-fast Testing Shinhan Watercolors (PWC)

      I usually have watercolor paper trimmings lying around as leftover from making a sketchbook. Just for fun, I've decided to swatch my favorite color from Shinhan and do a light-fast test. I did this by painting a gradient wash on a strip of paper about 5" x 1.5"  then cut it lengthwise so that I have an identical strip. I then taped one strip on my window and kept the other one inside an envelope. A month has passed by and comparing the 2 strips, I was surprised that there is no difference. No fading, no discoloration. I'm aware that true light-fast testing takes a minimum of at least a year, but just the same I expected some result since my window is in direct sunlight from 11am to about 5pm.
     This encouraged me to do a test on all the Shinhan paints that I have so I made a swatch as seen below :

 Here is the swatch before it was cut and exposed. 7.5" x  5.5" 300g Arches CP

Friday, August 5, 2016

Saunders Waterford Watercolor Paper

   I'm excited to share that Artwhale is now selling Saunders Waterford by St Cuthberts Mill.

Now that is is available here, I can open my stock and start using this. I have just consumed the last pages of my smaller block. :D
     I my previous post about two years ago, I mentioned about a paper I fell in love with, Saunders Waterford which is manufactured by St Cuthberts Mill from England. Unfortunately, the importer who supplies this paper to our local bookstore no longer carries this paper. I was fortunate enough to get the last block, and recently came across, last 2 blocks of A3 size.
     Thanks to the growing interest of many to watercolor, it is now more practical than ever for art supply stores to stock different art materials.
     Saunders Waterford comes in 3 textures: hot pressed, NOT( which is their term for cold pressed, and rough. It also comes in high white, and white (creamy ). A cheaper line called Bockingford is also available. (I still have to try this one)
     Even if I wanted to say that this is the best paper, paper choice is a matter of personal preference and that is influenced by how one paints, techniques, style and desired look of the finished product.
     If you are still in search of a paper that will suit your artistic needs, or temperament, you might want to give Saunders Waterford a try.
First page of a newly opened block.
     Question? Comments? Feel free to drop me a message!