Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Coron Sketches

     Just recently I was able to take a break and go on vacation with my friends. It was mostly raining during this trip so I was able to come up with only a few sketches in my sketchbook that I'm sharing here.

Warm up exercises in pen and ink before boarding

Sketching our tour guide "JR" during our boat ride as he explains a lot of things about our trip.
The ladies in front of me as we sail toward the first island. Sketching on a boat is similar to jeepney sketching with stronger movement and occasional splashes of water.
Looking at the waves hitting the front of the boat is mesmerizing!
Casa Coron after breakfast. I sketched these before packing up to go back to the airport.
This modified local transport can carry up to 8 passengers.
An attempt to capture the likeness of Alfred. I have to mention that I have run out of fresh water so I'm using sea water instead.

    Coron is a wonderful place. If not for the consistent raining I could have sketched some scenes. Looking forward to more adventures like this.

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