Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Watercolor Empty Full Pans Available at Fully Booked

     For the longest time I've been looking for "emtpy pans" for watercolor. Most the ones available locally through online stores are half pans, and if possible, a physical store where I can see the product is preferable.
Ahh .. the joy of filling empty pans with fresh paint! These empty pan fits perfectly with the Schmincke and Rembrandt tin
    Why full pans? I usually dip my brush at an angle in order to protect its tip instead of stabbing into the paint. With full pans I don't have to be as careful in getting paint especially when painting outside when there is much urgency to apply the next stroke.

     Having spare full pans allow me to test new tubes of paint without having to consume the existing paint in the pan. It's as fast as replacing the pan in the watercolor box.

      These full pans are available in 6 pcs. packaging for the price of Php 180.00. Half pans are also available as Php 180.00 for 12 pcs.

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