Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ad Hoc Sketching with USk Members

     This is a late post of June 12 ad hoc sketch walk with USk Philippines members. In line with the Independence Day theme, we sketched along Plaza Lawton and Manila City Hall were we can find two Andres Bonifacio Monuments.
Our first stop was in Lawton, in front of Andres Bonifacio Statue. Painted using Gouache. It was my first time bringing gouache into an on location sketch. Different way of working.

Manila City Hall and Andres Bonifacio together.

Watercolor on paper.

A shot of all the sketches. Photo by Nice.

The Sketchers. Photo by Nice.

     After having lunch, with other members, I felt the sketches we're not enough, so I asked if anybody want to sketch with me at Paco Park, since I seldom go out these days I want to make the most of my time.

I have painted this before but somehow I find it still challenging! Trying out gouache for this piece.
I was not able to finish it since it started to rain, but then eventually stopped the moment I finished packing my stuff. O well!
Sketches by Patts and Nadja. Photo by Patts

     On the next day, A birthday party was celebrated one of our younger USk member, Ampao. It was held in front of the Manila Zoo entrance, the MMDA park. The guest are mostly children with their guardians and we had a collaborative sketching on a big paper.

Photo by Koi Roxas
     After the party, I accompanied Nice to pick up food for her dogs at Adriactico St. with is about two blocks away. After getting the food, we decided to have a couple of beers since there is a cheap beer along Remedios.

What to do when you are on the side side of the street waiting? Sketch! :D
Watercolor on my handmade sketchbook.
 And that I think, was a productive weekend.


  1. Hi Manuel, super interested in your sketches! May I get your email add for inquiries (: thanks

    1. Hi Tessa! Thank you for your interest. I did send you a DM in Gplus